Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My New Missguided Ankle Boots


I am a complete sucker for ankle boots.

I am a complete sucker for anything monochrome.

The 2 statements above suggest clicking the 'Add To Basket' button on the Missguided website for these shoes was very easy to do! WRONG

I spied these ankle boots a couple of weeks ago and I didn't really want to spend £40 on them. I'm in such a habit of heading straight to the clearance section of a website that £40 ends up seeming expensive when I've been drooling at the reduced sandals for £19.99 just 2 minutes earlier. I know it's good to spend money on your footwear but I have such a large shoe collection buying a new pair is never a necessity. I can only justify my impulse shoe purchases if they're in the sale!

Unfortunately Missguided made a mistake with my latest order and sent me an incorrect jumpsuit in completely the wrong size and style. A bit annoying but these things do happen... I wasn't particularly given much of an apology for the inconvenience, especially as the original jumpsuit I had ordered and paid for suddenly became out of stock. Awesome.

After a few emails ping ponging back and forth Missguided eventually said I would be able to have a 10% discount voucher with free shipping for another item. I mean, don't get me wrong, 10% off is better than nothing but it doesn't make a huge difference especially when buying from the clearance section and THAT is when I had the bright idea to treat my little tootsies to those full priced ankle boots my eyes had been oggling just days before. 

I LOVE THEM! (phew) They are exactly how I imagined them. Incredibly stylish, different and they are the perfect ankle boot to brighten up my traditional 'All Black Everrrrything' outfits. 

Only thing I would say is if you are in between shoe sizes go for the bigger size! They are just slightly tight for my 'true to size' size 5 feet! I've worn them a couple of times already and they're now a perfect fit! Thanks Missguided for the voucher (kinda), shame I had to ask for compensation from your mistake but nevertheless I have bought a lot from Missguided and 90% of the time I've been incredibly happy with the service so I'll let you off this time! You can buy these beauties by clicking here.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you in my next bloggy :)

C x

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