Saturday, 30 May 2015

31 Things I Wish I Told My Younger Self

1) Cutting all your hair off will not magically transform you into Posh Spice. You will become Boy Spice...

2) Do not spend your pocket money on those plastic covers that protect your Beanie baby tags. Your collection will never make you money. Carelle, you were conned.

3) When your parents tell you to save money, save money. It's not stupid it's genius.

4) Don't cry when your favourite band splits up. Cry when they reform 10 years later and sound and look completely tragic.

5) Academic results aren't everything. Inner confidence, people skills and get up and go are far more important. 

6) It's actually ok to be shit at maths. You can spend your adult life using a calculator and no bloody teacher will take it off you so don't panic.

7) Say yes to braces. Get them on those gnashers ASAP. Say no to blue eyeshadow.

8) When your parents split up it's going to be ok. They will end up happier. Promise.

9) Use push up bras with caution. Come summer when you're in your bandeau bikini you cannot hide the lack of boobage.

10) It's perfectly ok to have small boobs.

11) Rethink this pose, (and bra).

12) Don't waste too much time crying over boys. Wait until they become men.

13) Be patient. (With reference to point 12)

14) This doesn't make you a model. It makes you ridiculous. It also makes you poor. You do not want to know how much I paid for the privilege of owning such a tragic picture.

15) Do not dye your hair brown

16) Embrace having a weird name and stop telling people your name is Sarah. It's better to have a weird name than to be a liar.

17) Don't just look at your hairbrush. Use it.

18) Wear suncream on your face. Lots of it.

19) Don't tell everyone when you're taking your driving test. It's embarrassing when you fail 3 times. Trust.

20) Once you've finally passed your test don't allow your pervy instructor to take a picture of you for his website. THIS will forever be on the internet. I'm not ok with this.

21) Saying I love you in response to every bebo comment is not appropriate. You cannot possibly love the stranger from Hull that said "U is fit bbz"

22) When your parents ask if you're ok answer honestly. Learn how to openly talk about how you feel.

23) "Worrying is like sitting on a rocking chair. Gives you something to do but gets you nowhere."

24) Learn to love washing your hair. You greasy goblin...

25) You will look like Harry Potter. Embrace it.

26) Being called ugly doesn't make you ugly. It makes the mean boys at school ugly. 

27) When your Mum thinks dying your hair bright red for Halloween will be a good idea say NO. It will last for MONTHS. 'Wash in wash out' my arse...

28) When your parents force you to write thank you letters it is not a boring inconvenience. It's amazing. Never stop writing them.

29) Dream big. Fortune favours the brave.

30) Learn to say sorry quickly and easily. Forgiveness is so important.

31) Cherish family photos. Frame them. Keep them. Love them.

Now you can't say I haven't been spoiling you with beautiful pictures recently. Dreamboat...

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you in my next bloggy :)

C x