Sunday, 12 July 2015

7 Tips On How To Perfectly Pack Your Suitcase For Your Summer Holiday

1) Plan Your Outfits

This may sound like an obvious one but for so many years I used to just shove as many outfits as I could into my suitcase. I would haul thirty different dresses to a foreign land and end up wearing just seven. Why? Because I was only there for seven days so technically I only needed seven outfits. Remarkable stuff...

I am now older and a little wiser (I think) and I carefully plan in advanced what I want to wear. I suggest you plan an evening outfit for every night you're away and include one spare (in case you spill your cocktail down your cleavage or a tropical bird poops on you or something...)

2) Roll

Roll those clothes! This honestly saves you so much room in your suitcase. You eliminate any wrinkles in your clothes and you can shove rolled items into every nook and crannie of your case so no space has been ignored. Et voila...

3) Shove In Shoes

Don't waste any valuable space. Now you've rolled each item it's time to fill your boots! See what I did there...

4)Travel Toiletries

As soon as they're empty you can bin the bottles, ditch them at your hotel room and then free up more space in your suitcase for all those items you bought in the local market. (I know this point is an obvious one but there's ALWAYS one that insists on lugging their jumbo, multipack, extremely heavy, best value EVER shampoo...)

5) Leave Your Handbag At Home

Ever since I started using my beach bag in replace of my handbag I have freed up so much room in my suitcase. I bring a clutch bag with me for the evenings and I use my big beach bag for all my hand luggage items at the airport as well as my beach bum essentials.

6) Cling Film

If you're going away for more than a week and you need to buy full sized toiletries this little trick is perfect for eliminating any explosive surprises when you arrive at your hotel. Pop some cling film over the opening of the bottles and screw the top back on. This is a perfect trick for suncream or any high end products that would make you cry an actual river if they exploded!

7)Pill Box

I have so many silver rings in my jewellery collection and by popping them in a compartment of a pill box it reduces them scratching and getting lost and damaged. It's also great for fine jewellery and earrings too.

And there you have it! A few little tips and tricks on how to pack for a week away! Many budget airlines give you such a small weight allowance and as soon as you go over they charge you a bloomin fortune. I hope you find these packing tips helpful and enjoy a satisfied smirk at the check in lady when your suitcase is as light as a feather. (Kinda).

If you have any tips yourself then I'd love to read them in the comments below.


Thank you for reading and I'll see you in my next bloggy :)

C x

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