Monday, 6 July 2015

Triangl Bikinis - Are They Really Worth The Hype?

I thought this review would be a rather fitting blog post today as 'apparently' it is National Bikini Day!!! How can this actually be a thing I hear you ask? 

Despite the fact I think the world has clearly gone a little mad I'm just gonna roll with it...

Now, unless you've been hiding under a rock all year you will know that Triangl Bikinis have absolutely swamped social media. They are known for their bright colours, unique designs, beautiful sun kissed models and genius social media campaigns. But what I want to know is, are Triangl Bikinis REALLY worth all the hype?

My Triangl bikini landed on my front door step last September. To be honest I was pretty shocked to have received an email from them asking me to chose my size and my favourite colour which they would send to me in the post with absolutely NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Don't they do that with celebrities and bloggers with a bazillion followers? I was pretty shocked and excited to find this orange bundle of goodness on my doorstep. My only disappointment was that the summer in the UK was over and I wouldn't be able to wear it until next year. Fast forward to now and I'm finally getting round to my Triangl bikini review. So here goes...

First things first. The material is pretty darn cool. Imagine cutting the prettiest bikini out of a wet suit? That. It's stretchy, comfortable but still extremely well fitted. Let's just say I definitely wouldn't lose my bikini bottoms if I were to belly flop into a public swimming pool, (unfortunately for me gracefully diving just isn't an option). I also believe that if I were to run out of the sea during a shark attack and my boobs HAPPENED to be a little bigger and bouncier I certainly wouldn't expose them to the bods on the beach. Basically, this bikini is as secure as they come. It must be down to its unique 'wet suit' like material which is really rather genius.

The size of the bikinis certainly do come up small and because they are so well fitted it's pretty unlikely the bikini would ever stretch and sag after a lot of use, (Hooray). I would certainly recommend going up a size as that is what I was advised to do when I placed my order.

On a more personal preference I would have liked the bikini top to have a little more padding and support, although this is probably not needed if you are naturally graced with the most beautifully buoyant boobies! However, judging from my experience in wearing the bikini and the models they use on their campaigns this brand is really only suited for women with small to medium sized boobs. I think if you are any more than a D cup you MAY not think this bikini gives you the support you need. And giiiiirl you need to support.

The colours are just gorgeous, vibrant and look great with a tan. The only downside to my ridiculously bright bikini is that the bees and the wasps on holiday seemed to think I was some sort of fully pollenated flower. One minute I'm engulfed in my book and the next minute a bumble bee wants a piece of me. I would run for my life, looking like a complete lunatic in front of the Croatian locals. Never mind.

These bikinis certainly don't come cheap! Triangl is an Australian brand and on average each bikini is sold for 89 USD which is around £57. In my opinion this is an awful lot of money for a bikini HOWEVER they are excellent quality, unique and they are certainly not one season wonders. I have truly realised the difference in quality in a more expensive bikini in comparison to a cheapy, flimsy number from the high street. 

Would I buy myself a Triangl bikini? If I were to be going away travelling and I wanted a bikini that I could trust to stand the test of time then I certainly would buy one. However, if I only went on holiday once a year then perhaps £50+ would be a little too much to spend on a bikini. But hey, I'm a sensible Susan that loves a good high street bargain! 

Triangl - Thank you for sending me this beautiful bundle of orange delight. I absolutely love it!! Are Triangl bikinis really worth the hype? Absolutely

Fancy having a browse on the Triangl website? Click right here.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next bloggy :)

And of course I wish you a very Happy National Bikini Day. No doubt you all have great celebrations planned on such a joyous and traditional occasion...

C x

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