Thursday, 16 July 2015

5 Steps On How To Tan Your Face On Holiday. The Fake Way.

First things first…

I never lie in the sun with my face exposed because the skin on zee face is incredibly sensitive and can age pretty bloomin badly (paranoid MUCH…)

BUT panic not! You can still return from your summer holiday with a very natural looking tan which certainly won’t be causing you any long term skin damage. I’ve been doing this for YEARS and I have never had anyone rumble me and realise the tan on my face is totally fake. TO-TALL-Y FAKE. 

Here’s what I do…

As well as exfoliating your body before your holiday it is also essential to exfoliate the face too. Getting rid of all those dead skin cells not only gives you a smoother and fresher look to your skin but it also gets rid of any remnants of previous fake tan and products that have been building up before the holiday. It provides you with a blank canvas ready for you to follow the next steps.

2)Factor 30
When it comes to my face I will use factor 30 the entire holiday. This is non negotiable. (Factor 30 #loveyou)

3)Sun Hat
I have had sun stroke more times than I care to remember. Suddenly rushing off the beach and laying in my hotel room whilst it spins uncontrollably followed by spending the rest of the night with my head in the toilet. Yup. It’s awful and I don’t wish it upon anyone.

Since being totally vigilant about wearing a huge sun hat whilst in the sun it has made all the difference. Whether I’m sunbathing my front or my back that big fat sun hat is glued to my noggin. Keeping my head shaded and ensuring my face is out of the direct sunlight means a win win situation with no sicky sicky.

4)Fake It
I have finally found a fake tan for my face that genuinely works. It doesn’t streak, it’s hydrating and most importantly it looks incredibly natural. Every night of the holiday I put a small layer of the St Tropez face oil onto my face. It’s very buildable so I layer it up throughout the holiday until the level of bronze on my face matches the rest of my body. 

Hey presto, my face is tanned without having to run the risk of burning it or getting sun damage. Personally it’s a no bloody brainer.
It is slightly more expensive than other fake tans on the market but it’s totally worth it. It retails at £25 but Boots often has a deal on their fake tan range. I snapped up my bottle for £16 - you can buy your bottle by clicking here.

5)Tinted Moisturiser
When it comes to tinted moisturisers you name them, I’ve tried them! The L'oreal Nude Magique BB cream is by far my favourite at the moment. It’s incredibly affordable at £9.99, has an excellent amount of coverage and gives you a great tan and glow to your skin. This is the perfect tinted moisturiser for the evenings when you’re on holiday. No need for cakey foundations and it works brilliantly over the St Tropez face oil. It gives my face a bit of extra coverage and tannedness in the evenings (I’m aware that’s definitely not a word but I’m gonna roll with it).

These 5 steps and products enable me to return from my sunny trip away with a tanned face whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that it has been protected from the sun all week. I cannot recommend these products enough.

Happy holidays and happy faking it!

I hope you found this blog post useful. Let me know if you recommend any other products for me to try!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next bloggy :)

C x

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