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Things I Have Loved This Week - 11th May

Another week has flown by and this time I find myself writing this blog post in a fluffy dressing gown and slippers like the little old lady I am. This weeks post involves a whole lotta family love, fish rescuing and General Election voting. Enjoy!

Having Your Say

Now, I'm not one to really get into the nitty gritty of politics BUT when it comes to the General Election I've realised it's so important to HAVE YOUR SAY. Two weeks before the election I had no interest or care about voting. I thought being 'impartial' masked my political naivety and playing Switzerland and sitting on the fence was the right thing to do. I believed I didn't have enough political knowledge to justify my vote. Well, I now realise two weeks ago I was a complete ignorant banana. A banana I am not proud of and certainly wouldn't recommend eating! I'm 24 years old. I have absolutely NO excuse not to vote. Women died for the right to vote and who the hell do I think I am by seeing this whole General Election as just a 'get off my TV, it's so boring, go away' type scenario.

I was slightly sceptical about mentioning voting in this blog post. Are we all bored of hearing about the General Election? Probably! But when I was on the train last week and overheard a young girl tell her friend she wasn't going to vote but if she was FORCED TO she'd vote for the political party that were associated with her favourite colour! I was shocked to the core by this and totally embarrassed on her behalf. It was scary to think that just two weeks before I voted I was more similar to the 'train girl' than I ever wanted to be.

I ended up gathering enough information to decide who I should vote for and off I went to the polling station. I have to say it was a great liberating feeling to be involved. I suddenly watched the news and UNDERSTOOD what was going on (mostly!) Number of seats, exit poll, Nicola Sturgeon, manifesto, referendum, Nigel Farage etc. ALL these words and names I recognised had SUDDENLY made sense. I'd hate for people to think I was naive and I'm certainly not proud of the fact I had no care or interest in the future of our country nor am I proud of judging the girl on the train BUT I'm so pleased I voted and took an interest. I know a lot of my friends didn't vote and I really hope they see the importance of having their say and getting involved in something that will affect us all. I even got so carried away by feeling all grown up I bought a newspaper for the train home. Goodbye OK Magazine, it's been nice knowing ya...

Bring Your Sister To Work Day

My brother is a bundle of charismatic charm and it was my pleasure to help him out at a trade show last week. Dexter is the proud MD of Vape Importers, a distribution company for E Liquids. No idea what I'm talking about? You know, those electronic cigarettes that people use instead of smoking the unhealthy and expensive 'real deal'. A booming business and one Dexter has already been heavily involved in for the last few years. I was his promo girl for the day. I handed out leaflets, encouraged punters to his stand and made myself useful by keeping him in constant coffee and water supply. He also wanted LOADS of tissue... Not sure what they were for but blimey he WANTED TISSUE.

Anyway... I'm sure my brother won't mind me saying this but he hasn't always been the workaholic he is today. Don't get me wrong he has ALWAYS had the potential to move mountains with that brain of his but being the more 'rebellious sibling' (to put it lightly...) it is SO amazing to see him do so bloody well. I know I'm biased but seeing him in action last week was one of my proudest moments. He is so switched on, passionate, amazing with customers, amazing with his team and basically he seriously knows his sh*t. His business is already making a serious impact in the vaping world and he deserves every bit of success. Well done Donut! Just don't ask me for anymore tissues. I will say no.


The Prettiest Afternoon

Last Monday I was unable to get a train into London from Essex because sadly someone threw themselves in front of a train at Stratford. I always feel SO guilty when I curse at the inconvenience caused by something like this. Why would you do something like that when you know it will affect so many people? But how dare I get annoyed when someone was clearly so desperate and unhappy they felt they had to do that. I have absolutely NO right to judge. We could all go round in circles debating this argument but instead I took this time to go on a little drive and I stumbled across this beautiful field of yellow flowers. Suddenly all frustration to what I deemed as a 'ruined day' dispersed. My day wasn't ruined at all and I'm ashamed to even think it was. Next time your day doesn't go to plan and you're feeling sorry for yourself, give yourself a stiff talking to, go find some yellow flowers and all will be right with the world. I Promise. 

My Fruit Basket Delivery

I was driving home last week and spotted an M&S box outside the front door. "I haven't ordered anything from M&S. Bloody hell, they've delivered it to the wrong address. HOW can the delivery driver be so stupid..."

On closer inspeciton the delivery driver was not wrong! (soz babe). The box was addressed to me and inside was the most amazing fresh fruit basket and card. My Great Auntie Shelagh was told about my spider bite and heard I may be having an operation on my leg. (Operation currently on hold. Long story...) She was sorry to hear I was still suffering nearly 7 weeks later and sent me this lovely package to cheer me up!  

That evening I called round her house to thank her and catch up. She greeted me at the door with a pinny round her waist and a freshly laid out tablecloth on her kitchen table with dinner bubbling away in the oven. My Great Auntie Shelagh lives by herself and is amazing for nearly 82. I had such a lovely evening that night and I was transported back to my childhood. I mean, WHO nowadays wears a pinny AND uses an embroidered table cloth just for a causal evening meal? I also had a side plate with a slice of bread on it. Just so bloomin cute. 

My fruit basket was so thoughtful of her and I'm so glad I could show my thanks by spending time with her. I'm sure she would have been so happy to receive a phone call and a thank you card but giving someone your time beats all those things. After this blog post I'm going to drop her a quick e-mail. Despite the cute tablecloth and her traditional ways she's pretty 'down with the kids' and loves receiving messages on her new swish iPad! Ha

I know reading these blog posts probably makes me seem like I'm incredibly busy but I have some days where my leg hurts so much I hardly leave the house and I spend all day in my jim jams (today being one of those days. Oopsy, should't have attempted to dance at a wedding on Saturday night. Bad Carelle, no sympathy for you).

Fish Rescuers

On Saturday I went to the most beautiful wedding. Each table had a goldfish bowl as its centrepiece and for those that know me well know I LOVE FISH. It was hard to contain my excitement and I immediately turned to my boyfriend saying "Can we keep him? Can we keep him? oh pleeeeeease..." *Insert pupppy dog eyes* At the end of the dinner everyone was told to release their goldfish into the beautiful pond next to the marquee. Little did the Bride & Groom know that any big fish in the pond would immediately munch the little gold fish for dinner! Ripples from the other side of the pond swam towards the little fishies and sure enough the goldfish were gone... RIP wedding fish :( Savage.

As soon as we realised we would be releasing the fish into the big pond there was NO way we could be involved in that. I think I was one of very few people that knew the goldfish would last in the pond for no more than 0.2 seconds. We managed to smuggle our goldfish home and he is now the proud brother of Butter, (the fish I bought 5 years ago in Nottingham when I went to Uni). So happy by our fish rescue. Welcome to the family little guy!

That's a weekly wrap from me! Thank you so much for reading my ramblings. Have a wonderful week and I'll see you in my next bloggy.

C x

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