Thursday, 14 May 2015

To Buy Or Not To Buy? - Rita Ora's Rimmel Nail Varnish Collection

Sorry to be a sceptical Susan but when I see a celebrity endorsement my immediate thoughts are...

"I BET you Rita Ora doesn't wear her own nail varnish collection..."

"I BET Holly Willoughby doesn't actually brush her nashers with Oral B toothpaste..."

"And Davina McCall DEFFO doesn't dye her hair with Garnier Nutrisse..."

So with that in mind I decided to check out Rita Ora's Rimmel nail varnish collection. (Well done Rimmel. Your advert is played a billion times during Made In Chelsea and you have definitely got into my sub conscious. Bugger.) 

Now, I consider myself pretty fussy and hard to please when it comes to nail varnishes. From the colour range, the consistency, to the size of the brush to the 'DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE CHIP RESISTANT WHEN YOU'RE CLEARLY NOT COZ I'M GONNA GET ANGRY...' Yep. THAT level of fussiness.

As I walked into Boots this afternoon the first colour that caught my eye was 'Go Wild Er Ness'

I'd never normally go for purple. If you're fussy you'd call it lilac or mauve but to me it's purple and Carelle doesn't 'do' purple. HOWEVER, impulse took over and I have to say I really rather like it. I have applied 3 coats (sounds excessive) but I like to create as much of a 'gel like' finish as possible. It hasn't chipped (yet) and it's certainly a colour I'd wear to brighten up an all black outfit this summer. 

The second colour I chose was a neutral grey called 'Rain Rain Go Away'. I wanted to buy a summery colour which I'd never normally go for and then a colour which is very 'me'. This being the 'me' option!

I totally understand grey is not the most inspiring colour but sometimes grey nails are a wonderful thing! Personally, I prefer a darker grey. This one is slightly too 'wishy washy' for my grey nail varnish expertise (ummm yeah right...) but I seriously cannot complain about the application, thickness or drying speed!

I have bought some really rather tragic cheap nail varnishes in my time. They're watery, they chip and the brushes are super small and annoying. I have to say Miss Ora, I really like your range! For £2.99 each they're great quality, they're shiny, affordable and there's a great choice of colours.

If you fancy increasing your nail varnish collection go seek out the Rimmel stand in your local drugstore. I can't recommend them enough! You can buy them here...

To buy or not to buy? - BUY!

Whilst writing this blog post I discovered an unopened Quality Street box from last Christmas in the back of a cupboard. I have just consumed one of every flavour to make sure they're fit for my family's consumption! Aren't I thoughtful... It's 11pm and I need to get some sleep before I eat the entire box, which is likely!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next bloggy!

C x

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