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Things I Have Loved This Week -

Things I Have Loved This Week
28th April

Going against all writing tradition I'm writing this paragraph last! I started writing this blog post last night after a couple of glasses of red wine. Yes it was only a couple but I've not had a tipple for over a month so the results clearly have made me take note of all forms of soppy experiences this week. I'm normally cool so if I get too lovey dovey it's not me. It was the wine...

Being Back At Radio

On a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm I host a Showbiz and Entertainment show on Wandsworth RadioThe last two weeks I haven't been able to get to my radio show. Nearly every hospital appointment I have had recently has been on a Tuesday afternoon - Sods law! Last week was the first show I've been able to get to in ages! I was totally worried I'd forget what every button meant but luckily enough it all came flooding back pretty instantly. I spent the first half an hour catching up with all the other presenters and getting excited over the new bank of music appearing on the computer.

Radio is a form of presenting I've been incredibly keen on getting into as it's an invaluable skill set to learn. In recent months I have had meetings with industry professionals regarding my presenting and one of the first questions they have asked are, "Do you blog? and "Do you have radio experience?" to which I answered "No, not YET.." - Since then I have realised the importance of learning as many different forms of presenting, whether that's talking live on the radio or sitting in my empty bedroom talking to a digital camera. If it's presenting practise and experience that will help me i'm going to do it!

When I next get asked those questions I can confidently respond with, "Yes I have radio experience and yes I blog!". Four months ago the thought of blogging and chatting live on the radio absolutely terrified me! It's such a good feeling to know you're going out of your comfort zone in order to get to where you want to be. There's never any career guarantees but following advice to achieve your dreams is something I'll always be prepared to do. Deep sentence. (Hello red wine).

My Bargain Fashion Find for £18

When I pull this face it means I really really love something (despite what you may think!)

I bought this gorgeous suede tassel coat last week from Boohoo - £18 reduced from £30. I absolutely love it! So much so I wrote a blog post on it which include some 'I'm a serious blogger' type pictures. Basically... I do some sassy attempts at posing which all the other bloggers seem to do. Not quite sure I've nailed it yet but I'm working on it.

You can check out said posing using the link below!

Luke Friend Interview

On Thursday I was invited to interview Luke Friend. If the name rings a bell he's the X Factor contestant with the dreadlocks from a couple of years ago! He's certainly not like any old X Factor contestant, he's in a totally different league. I'll keep this part short and sweet as I'm in the process of writing up a more detailed gig review which will go live very shortly.

We had the loveliest chat and he warned me he was going to be performing an original song called 'Medicine' all about his Grandad passing away. Despite the warning I still managed to suddenly get 'something in my eye' when he started singing. I also developed a very odd tremble in my bottom lip accompanied by a streaming nose. Must have been my allergies...

Ok I balled like a baby. The atmosphere was incredible and I was genuinely blown away by this masterpiece. The Youtube link below is a recording I found from a phone so the quality isn't great but if you're open minded and a lover of lyrics and emotive and honest performances it's certainly worth a watch.

"I'll make you better soon, if love was medicine"

I'm a total sop anyway but perhaps I found this song about Luke's Grandad even more emotive as this week my own Grandma has been in my thoughts a lot. Which brings me on to my next love for the week quite nicely. You'd almost think I've planned this blog post... (despite the vino!)

My Cute Grandma

Last week was my Grandmas birthday and despite not being able to see her I did the next best thing and picked up the phone. I wished her a Happy Birthday and we proceeded to have a huge catch up for the next 20 minutes. We put the phone down and I continued with my day. A day later I spoke to my Dad and he told me that Grandma was 'over the moon' I called her and really loved our conversation. This got me thinking... 20 minutes of my day spent having a lovely chat with my Grandma could mean so much to her. I suddenly felt so guilty. There have been so many 20 minutes in my recent life which I have filled with checking Facebook, Instagram, browsing the Daily Mail website for mindless celebrity culture, (*hangs head in shame*). My Instagram feed and my Facebook newsfeed will always be there, my Grandma wont. I have now made the promise to myself that if my Grandma comes into my thoughts I'm going to txt her, call her or write to her irrespective of whether it's her birthday or not.

Putting my new rule into practise 3 days after her birthday she travelled from her home in Somerset to stay at my Dads house as he had planned to take her on holiday for her 80th birthday present. I arrived at Dads house that evening and spent the evening sitting in the living room with her. She explained how my Dad was treating her to a Business Class seat on the plane on the way to Cyprus. She talked me through the 'posh outfit' she had planned to fly in as she didn't want to be in business class in just 'any old outfit'. Adorable.

My Aunt has a knack of finding really novel gifts and bought my Grandma these great travel items saying "Adventure Before Dementia". Grandma proudly attached them to her luggage and off she went in her carefully planned outfit and the biggest smile. If it wasn't for this blog post I would never have taken a picture of my Grandma in her outfit and with her suitcase but because I loved the moment so much I knew I wanted to feature it. I'm so glad I started this blog because it has encouraged me to take more pictures, create more memories and define what's important. *No more wine for you Carelle...*

Doesn't she look so happy!! 

When I wrote my Weekly Loves blog post last week I received some really lovely messages from my friends and family that were kind enough to read it! I'm presuming it's friends and family as this blog is still incredibly embryonic and probably not reaching any 'internet strangers' yet. If you're reading this THANK YOU, you are wonderful.

Have a lovely week! 

Now go and ring your Grandparents/Parents and tell them how great they are!

C x

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  1. Another interesting blog post; I didn't know you were radio presenting. I will try and remember to listen on a Tuesday afternoon if I'm at home.

    Luke's song is beautiful.

    I love that you care so much about your Granny. You are right to make the most of the time you have together. I don't think I spent enough time with mine and one of my grandfather's died before I was born so I never had the chance to know him.