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How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer | Carelle Says Hi

Tips On How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

For me nothing is more satisfying than brand new makeup in my makeup bag! 

There's something about that crisp new packaging, unblemished product and that sense of luxury (even if you are just repurchasing your standard go-to concealer).  Whether or not you buy your makeup from an upmarket department store or you stock up on your favourites from your local Superdrug it can be an expensive trip if your makeup decides to RUN OUT ALL AT THE SAME TIME (which seems to be forever happening to me!).  

Perhaps that has something to do with the fact I purchased it all at the same time in the first place. Yep, idiot...

In recent months I've been looking at my bank balance and thinking... "Well, technically I DO have enough money to stock up on new makeup... BUT that money needs to go towards rent, bills, petrol in my car, food and general living.." So where does that boring and incredibly sensible thought leave me and my dying makeup bag? I fought the urge to cover my face in the old, crusty foundation that has been shoved to the back of my bathroom cupboard since 2007 (when I totally thought buying the darkest shade of brown made me look tanned and exotic NOT bright orange and ridiculous) and instead I got inventive.

Over the years I have been using a few really useful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of my makeup without having to compromise on quality and I thought what better way to get my 'Carelle Says Hi' blog rolling than to share these with you?

Tip 1: Hot Water and Mug

Yep, that's all you need!  Boil the kettle and half fill your mug with hot water.  Place your dried up products inside the mug, (this works best with liquid based makeup such as foundations, mascaras, lipgloss etc).  Leave these items inside the water for about 5 minutes and you'll be amazed how much product you can now get out of your makeup.  The hot water gently heats up and loosens the excess makeup that has been stuck to the side of your product, HEY PRESTO you've now got more pumps left from that foundation you were so close to chucking away.  You're welcome ;)

Tip 2: The Power of Lipstick

I had recently run out of cream blusher and that boring and incredibly sensible voice in my head (whom i'm really starting to listen to...) said to me, "Don't buy a new one! I'm sure you've got another cream blusher knocking about somewhere." In fact I hadn't BUT what I did find was a lipstick the exact colour of my cream blusher!  So, on my cheeks it went and I immediately loved it. The texture was so dewy and the pigment lasted a long time and I haven't looked back since.  Go and have a rummage in your old make up bag and get the most out of your lipsticks!

Tip 3: Cotton Wool

To avoid the disastrous make up smash in your handbag from happening place a cotton pad in the lid of your powder palettes.  This acts as a cushion and a barrier between your makeup and the lid of your product - No more smashed makeup and wasted money ever again.  It's pretty simple but so effective. 

Tip 4: Mascara Swap

As I explained in my vlog the beauty behind a great mascara is often the style of wand rather than the mascara solution inside.  Now and again if my favourite mascara runs out and I can't quite bring myself to spend £20 replacing it I'll go to my nearest drugstore and purchase a much cheaper mascara.  I'll dip my favourite wand into the new mascara and suddenly my £20 mascara fave has been reborn! I can still use my favourite wand which now has brand new mascara solution inside spending only a fraction on what I would have paid if I had bought a new £20 mascara each time. GENIUS! (Don't forget to wash out those mascara wands though. Don't wanna be getting all gunky...)

I really hope you find these tips useful.  Let me know if you have any tips yourself as I would love to hear about them and try them out too!

I'm off to sort out that nasty bathroom cupboard and its tragic 2007 beauty contents... *shameful*

Thank you for reading.  See you soon...x

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