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Things I Have Loved This Week - 19th April

Things I Have Loved This Week - 19th April

There were lots of things I loved last week. When I drafted this blog yesterday I included mostly beauty and fashion based items, but when I stopped typing I couldn't quite bring myself to hit the 'publish' button. My 'Bloggers Intuition' told me the post just didn't 'feel right'. 

'BLOGGERS INTUITION' Ha! I've only bloody written 3 blog posts in my life! Who on earth do I think I am...

After sleeping on it I soon realised why. Towards the end of the list I created yesterday, I was almost struggling to finish it. I was clutching at straws and wracking my brain as to what I genuinely loved last week... I don't want to blog about something I'm struggling to create. What's the point in that?

So... I decided to just be honest and write down exactly what I have loved irrespective of what they are. There are a few Fashion & Beauty bits thrown in for good measure but it's a real mix match of general stuff that I've enjoyed and appreciated. 

1)Emla Cream

Emla Cream. Not to be confused with "Enema" which is what I thought the nurse was offering me at first!

I am petrified of needles and blood tests. Tears immediately stream from my face, my entire body starts to shake and my teeth start to chatter along with sweating like a P.I.G. I feel grim, I look grim and the whole thing is hideous.

I had a blood test last week which I found terrifying. A week later when I needed a 2nd blood test the lovely nurse sent me home with some Emla cream to place on both arms to completely numb my skin. An hour before my appointment I rubbed the cream on and my arms were numb ready for the needle!  Despite the tears, the body shakes, my boyfriends broken hand from my vice-like grip and one nurse pinning me down whilst the other took my blood, it ended up being err, OK. The Emla cream was hugely appreciated and I now feel I can conquer the world, kinda...

2)Britain's Got Talent

Over the years I've found BGT extremely repetitive. There's no denying us Brits are a talented bunch but if you've seen one amazing dancing dog you've kinda seen them all!

There was one act last weekend which seriously stood out to me. Callum Scott has one of the most well controlled voices I've ever heard and "Dancing On My Own" is an incredible song. I had goosebumps from head to toe! I think he will do brilliantly in the competition this year.

3)My Trip To The Sweetie Shop

What better way to recover from a stressful blood test and another trip to the hospital? Go to the sweet shop, eat sugar and act like a 6 year old without a care in the world of course!!

4)Orange Nail Varnish
Barry M

True Story: A few months ago I had an incredibly vivid dream that I had my nails painted in an orangey, peachy, apricot type colour. Not my usual colour choice AT ALL but this colour has been on my mind ever since. I was in Boots this week and BAM I had a flash back and there it was! Knowing full well I will probably hate the colour I decided to purchase it anyway, (makes sense).

Truth is, I actually love it! It looks terrible on my pasty hands but once the summer is in full swing I'm gonna be rocking this peach and no one can stop me. Moral of the story - Dreams do come true...

5) My £6 Clutch Bag

My monochrome obsession just couldn't resist this black and white clutch bag from Primark. It will go with everything and at £6 it just had to come home with me. Welcome to the brood!

6)Lion Picture

One of my lovely friends Katie is a really keen photographer. She recently went to Longleat and took some incredible pictures of the animals there. Yesterday I received a tweet from her saying "This one is for you" and attached was the most incredible picture of a lion. It put such a smile on my face! Thanks Katie for taking an amazing picture and thank you for knowing me so well! (Lion mad woman right here, Hii!! *waves arm frantically*)

7) Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I have been needing to buy a new one for months now and after scraping the barrel to get the last remains of the product out I finally spent my £13 on a replacement! It's the teeniest tiniest mascara wand specifically for your bottom lashes and it's incredible. No panda eyes. At. All. 

8) Visit From My Best Friend

Planning in advance when you're going to see your friends has its benefits but often the spontaneous and impromptu visits can be the loveliest. My best friend Holly popped over a few days ago at a time where I couldn't leave the house. (I'm on medication where I'm not able to drive at the moment).

We sat in the sunshine having a good old gossip whilst sipping tea in the garden, just like a pair of civilised Grannies, (which we are of course).

And that my friends is my list of loves for last week!

FYI - I've made reference to hospital trips, blood tests and medication where I can't drive.  I don't want anyone thinking I'm about to croak! I got bitten by a spider nearly a month ago and it has been an ordeal I never thought would come from something so funny as being bitten by a spider.  Maybe not 'funny' but it's mildly amusing. Especially if it hasn't happened to you!
I will soon be writing a blog post all about my bite for those that don't mind the gory details of the hole in my leg!

I can't get my leg wet so I'm now off to wash my hair over the bath followed by an old fashioned 'strip wash'. Delightful.

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you in my next blog :)

C x


  1. I like your style of writing - very readable - you must get it from your mum! Many, many years ago I was petrified of needles and blood tests. Just the thought of one coming up was enough to start me shaking, and on more than one occasion I burst into tears after one, just reaction. Enter one long term illness, twelve weeks in hospital and blood tests (yes plural) every day and I was no longer a needle phobic. Not that I'd recommend it as a cure.
    Here's another lion fix for you

    1. Aw thank you so much Karen! Very kind. Nice to hear I'm not alone with the needle phobia. It's ridiculous because I inject myself every day with my vaccination for my allergies but I think i'm ok with that because I'm in control when I do it myself. Sorry to hear you have spent so much time in hospital :(
      That lion picture is amazing! Did you take that?

  2. Yes, Carelle, lions at Longleat, same as your friend's photo.