Friday, 17 April 2015

H&M Sale Trousers for £7 Each!

My H&M Sale Finds

As I was sipping my Carrot and Ginger juice and tucking into a glorious fried breakfast in the City of Chelmsford I felt my ankle boots dig into my bare feet. In my cooked breakfast excitement I must have run out the door without socks on. In fact - I had plenty of socks to choose from, but what I really wanted were a pair of ankle socks to fit nicely under my ankle boots and when you're mind is focused on a specific, only that specific will do.  So on the to-do list that day was to purchase copious amounts of ankle socks. The nearest store where this would be made possible was H&M, so in I went!

I was immediately struck by a big sale rail and a huge array of trousers, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, leggings - You name it!  Knowing full well that my luck with trousers is pretty non existent, (I swear by Topshop jeans and they're all I seem to purchase). I suddenly felt optimistic and before I knew it I had picked up a handful of trousers in my size.  My boyfriend entered the store 5 minutes later and saw me with a huge handful of clothes with the "Oh bloody hell... Really Carelle??" look on his face, so I decided to cut my selection by half (to keep him on side of course!).  He immediately deemed one pair of trousers to be "So last year..." So my 'Gok Wan' of a boyfriend and I whittled the selection down to just 3.  You can return sale items in H&M so I decided to purchase and try them on at home.  Each pair of trousers were £7 so I handed over my £21 and off I went, without ankle socks... Bugger.

H&M Animal Print Jeans - £7

These jeans feel so lovely on and are extremely well fitted.  I always like to buy my jeans as tight as possible because after a few washes they nearly always lose their elasticity and there's nothing worse than wrinkly 'Skinny Jeans'.  Sexy.

 My favourite thing about these jeans is that they will look great in the winter with grey or black tops but also wearable in the warmer months with a white t-shirt.  I'll certainly get my wear out of them and for £7 I think they're a bloomin good bargain!

The neighbours cat liked them too...

H&M Pinstripe Jeans - £7

These lovely black and white pinstripe jeans immediately caught my attention! It's commonly known that pinstripes create an illusion of length so with my 'long body and shorter legs' situation going on, these were a must have.

I feel with the pinstripe design these jeans can look quite smart with ankle boots but just as chilled and comfortable with casual converse. 

The neighbours cat REALLY liked this pair...

H&M Animal Print Trackies - £7

Trackie Bums have never been something I'd spend a lot of money
on and I'd say 98% of my tracksuit bottoms are my cheap and cheerful collection from Primark.  It almost feels a treat to have a stylish pair from somewhere other than my good friend "Primarni".
These extremely comfortable pair from H&M meant I... A). Not only branched out but B). Kept to my "Less Than A Tenner On Trackies" tradition and snapped these up for £7! 

They are so comfortable and have already been in the wash a handful of times and haven't once bobbled or shrunk.  I've been doing a lot of work from home recently and have had to be in comfortable clothes with my left leg raised on 3 pillows...Why you may ask? (I think i'll save that story for a future blog post...) but these trackie bums have been my most comfortable and stylish at a time where style is not something I'm rocking at the moment.  You should see what I've been wearing the last few weeks in order to be "comfortable".  Grim.

Unfortunately by this stage the neighbours cat was pretty bored of my posing...

I'm really pleased with my impulsive H&M sale items... Not bad for £21.  Never underestimate the power of an impulsive sale purchase.  If you can return sale items my advice is to buy quickly (to avoid frustrating tantrums in the fitting room) and promise to return any unwanted items EVEN if they were as cheap as chips! Don't just tell yourself you'll keep an item because it was cheap. If you're not going to wear it, return it. Now there's a good girl...

I'm finishing this blog post at midnight and i'm about to scoff my face with some Peanut Butter on toast... Going against all rules of healthy digestion and night time etiquette - Whoopsy

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you in my next blog :)

C x

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