Thursday, 30 April 2015

Spring Outfits From The Supermarket - TU Sainsburys

I’ve decided to create a series called the Spring Supermarket Fashion Series...

Why? I hear you ask…

Well, I feel there are certain shops and clothing brands that many young people ignore because they are deemed to be ‘uncool’ or ‘unfashionable’. I have been SO guilty of this myself in the past but I am now waving the flag for these ‘uncool’ brands and I am writing the wrongs from my tunnel visioned, fashion conscious youth…

I’m not going to pretend I’ve got loads of money to spend on clothes because I haven’t. I am a sucker for a fashion bargain and I love to have a huge variety of clothes in my wardrobe sooo I’ve found the answer - Become more open minded about where you shop!!  Next time you’re in the supermarket buying ingredients for your Thursday night spag bol take your trolley for a trip down the clothing aisle... Yes, you may have a giggle at a few 'interesting' pieces but you WILL find a few hidden gems a long the way.

I got to the stage where my girlfriends would say ‘Nice top, where is it from?’ and I’d mutter ‘Sainsburys’ under my breath like I had just committed the biggest fashion faux pas… Their response of ‘You’re kidding me, that’s from the supermarket??’ gave me the great idea for this blog!

I now want to show you what I bought from my latest trip to Sainsburys and what items I bought from the TU range!
I was pretty chuffed with these fashion finds and I hope they encourage you to give the supermarket clothing aisle a little more attention than usual… Even if you don’t find anything you like straight away don’t give up. Pick yourself up and try again. I believe in you… Amen…x

The range in Sainsburys is called TU in case you're about to get all confused when I start using that word :)

Chunky White Knit - £18
I loved this chunky white knit I found in the jumper section! It’s perfect for the Spring Season and I’m a firm believer that anything white never stays white for long! (Especially if you have 4 dogs and a busy lifestyle…). If you’re on a bit of a budget why spend a lot of money on something that may only stay nice for 5 minutes? This jumper cost me just £18 and I really love it AND if it gets ruined in the future I won’t be crying a river...

Furry White Cardigan - £10
I knew I wanted this cardigan as soon as I saw it! It is SO cosy and I love the texture of it, I also love the turned up grey sleeves which give it a bit of extra detail. It’s perfect for Spring and layering over a casual graphic t shirt. Now for the price… It cost me *drum roll please* £10!!! 

I sent my friend a picture of my outfit and she said ‘That’s so weird, I’ve just tried that cardigan on in Topshop…!' Well… Lo and behold Topshop have one pretty much EXACTLY the same! I still can’t believe how similar they are. The Topshop version is £38 pounds and I paid a tenner for mine… *smug face*

Black Bomber Jacket - £35

My next purchase was this black bomber jacket with a gorgeous fur trim hood. I had been looking for a casual light weight jacket for Spring and this is perfect! I had seen a jacket like this from Asos a few weeks before but I couldn’t bring myself to spend £69 on it. Although traditionally Spring should mean the weather is starting to get a little warmer but England is a funny old place and you’ve always got to be prepared for a spontaneous shower… (Hooray for the hood..)

Navy, Blue and White Jumper - £10
My last item from TU is this gorgeous navy, white and blue knitted jumper. I love the oversized look and raided the sale rail and found the biggest size I could get my hands on and it's perfect for the look I wanted to achieve. This jumper looks fab with black jeans but I think teaming it with a pair of white skinnies is perfect for Spring. Yes, you guessed it… It cost me a tenner! It’s so comfortable and I love the colours.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and stay tuned for my next Spring Supermarket Series where I’ll be rummaging the clothing rails from a different Supermarket!

I thought TU have produced some lovely items recently and I look forward to seeing what they produce in future seasons.

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you in my next bloggy :)

C x

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