Thursday, 18 June 2015

Looking For A Perfect Party Dress? Warehouse Have Got It Covered

My Dad's 50th birthday party was fast approaching and a trusty monochrome jumpsuit was sitting in my wardrobe waiting for June 6th to hurry the hell up!

I soon discovered my hip hop Daddio was planning on wearing quite a jazzy dinner jacket and I soon realised this was not the time for a standard monochrome jumpsuit. My Dad's dinner jacket of choice was PINK! If he was going to wear pink I would have to step up my game too and before I knew it I found myself googling 'perfect party dresses' (even if it meant having my bandaged leg on show then so bloody be it!)

My Dad would only be turning 50 once so I decided to purchase a dress with a little sparkle. I spotted this beautiful Warehouse dress on the Asos website and fell completely in love.

I purchased this beauty for £42 reduced from £85. BARGAIN. 

I absolutely love the detail and the flattering shape. It nips you in at the waist; it has t-shirt styled sleeves and its main feature is a gorgeous detailed back.

What more could you want in a party dress?

I often find detail backs look beautiful from the back but never very flattering from the front. You often can't wear a bra and you spend the evening feeling a little errrr conscious of any wibbly wobbly bits. NOT WITH THIS DRESS! Well done Warehouse for designing a dress where you can wear your trusty push up bra and not walk around the swanky party worried about the fact you haven't gone braless since you were about twelve. Half the guests hadn't seen me since I was about twelve anyway so that probably wouldn't have mattered... 

You can purchase this perfect party dress from Warehouse by clicking here

I teamed it with these lovely £39 Zara heels with elegant silver anklet straps and an oversized studded clutch from TK MAXX.

Thanks Warehouse for making such a beaut of a dress and for sticking it in the sale section conveniently before my Dads birthday bash! 

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next bloggy :)

C x

You can check out my monochrome jumpsuit from Missguided which I SO nearly wore by clicking the link here

Massive thank you to my wonderful friend Katie Ryalls for taking these snaps of me for my blog. Had so much fun with you! Thank you for all your help :)

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