Sunday, 17 May 2015

What I Wore - Accessories, Jewellery, Hair and Makeup

If you've stumbled across this page from my 'What I Wore To A Wedding' post HIIIIYA!!! If you don't know what i'm babbling on about you can find said post here.

Now... I want to tell you all about my accessories! 

Clutch Bag & Jewellery

I absolutely love this monochrome clutch bag from Primark. It cost me just £6 and I gotta say It's one of my absolute favourite Primani purchases of all time!!! (Big statement). It's the perfect size because you can ACTUALLY put things inside. I had most my makeup inside along with a hairbrush, purse, iPhone, my boyfriends car keys AND his wallet. Anyone else become their boyfriends donkey on a night out? Nope. Just me then...

When it comes to jewellery I'm an 'all or nothing' type of girl. When it comes to earrings and necklaces I fall under the NOTHING category. When it comes to rings and bracelets I'm firmly in the ALL camp.

I buy my silver rings from an array of different places. Accessorize do a great Sterling Silver section and the rest I have bought from various holiday destinations over the past few years. This chunky silver bangle is my friend Hollys. I have been wearing it for months and bless my best friend, she's only up until last week asked for it back! She knows how much I love it but sadly I think the wedding last weekend will be its final outing with Auntie Carelle. It's sad but it needs to go back to where it came from...


I received a Next voucher as a gift a few months ago and have been waiting to see something I really love before spending it. I came across these gorgeous suede black heels last week and I knew they were the item I had been waiting to find in order to spend my lil vouchie.

These heels retail at £38 and are worth every penny. I wore them all day and night and didn't once get that dreaded 'Ouchie my feet are about to fall off and I can no longer rip up the dance floor' type feeling. (Rip up the dance floor... As If!) I bought a size 4.5 despite being a size 5 as that's the only size they had in store. Even being half a size too small they were like wearing pillows on my feet. So comfy. Honest.

You can purchase these shoesies here

Nail Varnish

I have been totally and utterly obsessed by this Barry M nail polish called Full Throttle. It's a gorgeous peachy colour and it really bought out the subtle yellow and orange parts of the white flowers on my jumpsuit. I JUST LOVE IT.

Hair & Makeup

I tend not to do anything too adventurous with my makeup. I took my daily look and added a subtle brown smokey eye. Other than that it's pretty natural and soft around the eyes. If I overload my eyes with too much makeup they end up weeping so I often stick to the amount I know my eyes can handle! The reality of the situation is that my eyes started welling up as soon as the beautiful bride walked down the aisle. I am a complete sop.

I also used my Remington hair wand to create very subtle loose waves in my hair. I didn't want anything too 'vampy' - The jumpsuit print is quite busy so it was important for me that my hair and makeup was very natural and simplistic.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I'll see you in my next bloggy :)

Have a lovely day!

C x

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