Tuesday, 4 August 2015

10 Things A Typical Brit Learns When Eating Breakfast In America

"I'm just not a breakfast person" is a phrase that has NEVER left my lips. I go to bed thinking about breakfast and I wake up every morning hungry. Without fail.

America is my little food baby's dream and one of the first things on my priority list whilst I was in LA was to have breakfast every morning at an American Diner. The priority of breakfast came WAY before shopping, Disneyland and drinking gallons of Californian wine in a swanky hotel. So when we heard Mel's Drive-In was just a short walk away on Sunset Boulevard I was pretty EGGCITED. (Bad joke. Soz)

Of course the portion sizes were bloody enormous but that never stopped me over ordering and feeling like I had eaten enough wheat and sugar to last me... until the following morning...

Things I learnt...

1) When you ask for a cup of tea they panic and hand you a tea bag accompanied with a plate of lemon and 2 x tubs of honey JUST in case the token Brits didn't ACTUALLY want ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA. 

2) What does a hash brown in America look like? Imagine getting a brain, smashing it on the floor and then putting it on a plate. That. 

3) Boysenberry jelly is a thing.

4) Apple Butter is also a thing.

5) (Look up) How does the butter come? In a cosy PAPER SLEEPING BAG of course... 

6) They put a slice of orange on top of nearly EVERY breakfast order. One of your five a day obvs...

7) They create breakfast concoctions that will, umm, make you go find a sick bucket... 
- Fried Chicken Waffle
- Short Stack Pancakes with diced ham and steak
- Local grass fed beef patties with eggs and FRUIT.

8) "More is not less" when it comes to decor

9) They take "How do you like your eggs in the morning?" to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.
*Insert American Accent*
"Suuuure, would you like them... fried, scrambled, over easy, eggs over hard, over medium, soft boiled, sunny side up, sunny side down etc"

10) If you did't leave the diner wanting to be carried out on a stretcher from severe tummy ache rivalling an appendicitis then I'm afraid you just didn't try hard enough. 

Mel's Drive-in is open 24 hours a day! So if you find yourself craving a fried chicken waffle at 4am then you now know where to go!

Mel's Drive-In is a breakfast lovers dream world. If you find yourself in LA then this has got to be your morning hangout.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you in my next bloggy :)

C x


  1. I once made apple butter, several jars of it and very yummy it was too. I am a breakfast person! I once had American pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream at 7.00am on the way to a dog show.

  2. Wow thank you for your blogs! They've been a real joy to read even if it's been 5 years since you've last posted!