Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My New Tassel Jacket From Boohoo - OOTD

Outfit Of The Day
Sunday 19th April - 2015

Suede Tassel Coat - Boohoo £18

On Sunday 19th April I was invited to be on a panel of judges for Open Mic UK. This is a huge competition with thousands and thousands of applicants all across the country. The standard was amazing and it was a real honour to be a part of it. The day was going to be very long and I knew I needed to be comfortable. My 'go to' outfit is ALWAYS a pair of ripped jeans and a plain oversized T-shirt. It's what I feel my best in despite the basic and unimaginative connotations of the 'just a pair of jeans and T-shirt vibe'. I wanted something I could wear over my favourite outfit that was going to give it a slight edge.
Whilst responding to emails one evening last week my wandering fingers landed on a clothing website. (It happens to the best of us...) Boohoo was my first port of call and away I went...

Me being me immediately headed to the Clearance section of the website. Tight arse? No! Money savvy? Yes! (Well I like to think so..)

If its got tassels and it's black I find it exceptionally hard to resist the 'Add To Basket' button and when I find something black with tassels AND it's in the SALE then, well, it's basically mine...

I have never been a fan of the 'cardigan' (or 'cardi' as my Mum likes to call it!) but I often want just a little something to shove over a t-shirt or a summer dress. My answer? THIS!

This absolute beauty of a fashion find is from Boohoo.com and has been reduced from £30 to just £18. The suede material feels lovely and it is the perfect purchase for the warmer months coming up, what with the short sleeves!

I can't wait to throw this baby over some of my dresses this summer. Nothing beats buying a sale item which you just know will work with lots of different items in your wardrobe.

Was it worth £18? Absolutely! 

If you want to check out this item from the Boohoo website you can follow the link here - http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/coats+jackets/lara-suede-tassel-hem-short-sleeve-coat/invt/azz15581

Be quick with sale items! If you like a bit of tassel too make sure you head over to Boohoo before your size runs out! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop with all my bargain fashion finds. 


Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you in my next bloggy :)

C x

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